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My Whole Name: Rishi Babu Adari My Birth time: 29, June 03:33hrs My Birth place: Visakhapatnam, A.P., INDIA My Sun Sign: Cancer My Height & Weight: 6' & 75 kgs My Bachelor's: B.Tech., Chemical Engg., Top ranker from A.U (1993-97) My Master's : Dis-continued M.Tech (Chemical Engg., ) at IIT-Kanpur on 15 Aug'97 and came to US to pursue M.S in Petroleum Enineering (Drilling Engineering) at TU. Graduated in Fall99. My Master's : Dis-continued PhD (Petroleum Engg., Flow Assurance) at University of Tulsa on 5 May'01. My Present Area of Work: Research & Development (Drilling) My Present Place of Work: Landmark Graphics Corp.,(A Halliburton Company), Houston, TX. My Place of Residence: 2103 Woodland Springs, Houston, TX 77077. My Family: Mom (Ratnam) , Dad ( Trimurthulu),
elder brother (Ugandhar,MTech, GeoTechnology, working in Jackson, MS) and
younger brother (Naresh, B.Tech Chemical Engineering, MS from UK, presently doing PhD in London , UK)

My Best Friends: Malavika,Chandu,Ashwini,Sudarshan, Mathieu, Sri My Ambition:To settle with a good job(preferably research in drilling)in Petroleum Industry. I accomplished this already!! Cool huh. Fave TV Shows: "Seinfeld" Fave Musical Artist: Nagarjuna Fave Type of Music: Classical to Hard Rock, one w/ beat numbers. Fave Sports (to watch only): Cricket,Softball, Racketball,Tennis,Badminton,Golf. Fave Telugu Movie Actors: Kamal Hassan (for his acting) Nagarjuna (for his style) Fave Telugu Movie Actress: "Revathi", "Anshu" Fave Telugu Movies: "Santhosam" & "Annamayya" Fave Hindi Movie Actress: "Aishwarya" Fave Hindi Hollywood Actors: Keanu, Jim, Brad Fave Hindi Hollywood Actress: "Nichole" ," Alicia Silverstone" Fave American Movies: "Alive", "Titanic","Armageddon","Untouchables" Fave Indian Food: Guthu Vankayya koora, Gongora, Tandoori chicken My Activities at A.U.: Vice President of Dept. of Chemical Engg., Students Association (1996) President of Dept. of Chemical Engg., Students Association (1997) Honors: "Smart Kid of the Millennium" "Computer geek of the year 00"
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